Boost failed updating 58 targets

01-Aug-2017 16:30

The economy chapter in this Policy Address elucidates our views on the prospects of various trades and industries.It reflects, in particular, the importance that we attach to innovation and technology and the creative industries, and sets out an array of measures to spur their further development. On people's livelihood, meeting the public's housing needs is our top priority.This fully demonstrates that "One Country, Two Systems" is the best institutional arrangement to ensure Hong Kong's long-term prosperity and stability after our return to the Motherland.It is a workable solution and an achievable goal welcomed by the people. On economic development, we need to consolidate and enhance our traditional advantages while developing new areas of economic growth as a matter of urgency.

This is my solemn pledge to the Central Government and the HKSAR.The Government must come up with policies and measures that address the community's needs, respond to the pressing issues faced by the population while displaying a strong sense of commitment and high efficiency.