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Jamás, jamás, he dejado de ser tuyo, Lo digo con orgullo, Tuyo nadamás. Que no me falten tus besos jamás, Que no me falte tu cuerpo jamás...

Jamás jamás, mis manos han sentido, Más piel que tu piel, Porque hasta en sueños te he sido fiel.

Later, he teamed up with singer and producer Juan Pardo, but success would come on its own accord, with his own music works.

Camilo Sesto has sold over 175 million albums worldwide, excluding sales of all artists who helped and produced.

Throughout his career he remained as one of the most influential pioneer artists of rock/ballad in Spanish, that would inspire many newer acts in the Latino music world as well as across Europe.

The Mid sixties marked the beginning of Sesto's career.

In October 2010, he gave his last two concerts in Madrid, which were released as his first "live" (and also last) album.

In 1974 his success as a pop singer continued with record sales escalating rapidly.

His concerts took him round the world with such songs as "¿Quieres ser mi amante?

He survived a liver transplant, in 2003 and managed to make a successful comeback with his album Alma, surprising the audience with the song "Mola mazo" ("It rules") in an exercise of self-assertion.

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The Alma CD includes some songs in English: Selections from The Phantom of the Opera and a duet with Andrea Bronston.A live DVD called "Todo de Mí" recorded in Madrid, was released around the same time.