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The games are at present listed in alphabetical order (with numbers at the end). An adding up and trick-taking game for two or four players, by David Parlett.

Each trick consists of four cards, one of each suit, and is won by the last player who keeps the total value of the cards played to 17 or less. Brukhman, in which players try to form pairs by a process of playing cards to a layout, exchanging hands, and exchanging cards from their hands with piles from the layout.

In the first course (duck) the lower card of the suit led wins, and in the second (soup) the higher card wins; it is also possible to win tricks in either course with a card of equal rank to the lead.

If you would like to contribute a game of your own to this page, or publish a comment, variation or improvement on one of the games here, you can send me your contribution by e-mail. It is surprisingly hard to write out the rules of a game in a way that can easily be understood by a reader who has not seen it played.

A card and dice game for 2 or more players from the Rinkworks Pips collection by Samuel and Jacob H. This is a strategy game in which you maneuver your armies and try to capture enemy territories.

A trick-taking game for two players in two stages (courses), by David Parlett.

Players take turns to play an action and/or a thing from their five card hand and then draw replacement cards from the stock. The web site contains some ready-made card designs that can be used, and the players can cards of their own invention or design a whole new deck from scratch. Highley using 26 cards left over from a Euchre game.

A multi-player casino game based on Blackjack by John Picken. Players compete to get rid of their cards by playing them in "runs" that follow the principles of Fibonacci sequences.It is a game for two to six players which involves getting, playing, and keeping played certain combinations of cards. A series of games based on Blackjack (21) invented by Louis Ginns III in which the player cannot stick but has the option of a 'backhand' - a prediction that the next dealt card will take the total over 21.

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