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28-Dec-2017 17:12

At once dense and light, this structure creates an evanescent rectangular volume from which the sculpted and organic outline of the bowl emerges.This architectural concept gives a specific identity to the new Bordeaux stadium.“Elegance" has become a depreciated term when describing architecture, but wrongly so when one looks at Bordeaux' urban and architectural legacy.We were never looking for inspiration in the historical part of Bordeaux with its breathtakingly beautiful buildings and monuments all made out of typical limestone.The fusion of stairs and columns forms a gesture of openness and accessibility.Special attention was paid to the integration of the structure into the grand landscape of Bordeaux.

The axial resolution was 6 µm in tissue and the system had shot-noise-limited performance with a maximum sensitivity of 98.4 d B.

This white rectangle seems projected earthwards thanks to the multiplicity of slender columns that shower down.

He zooms away as Kat yanks open the door of her Dart. Walter holds up a letter to Kat WALTER What's this? … continue reading »

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