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Most of these teeth look nothing like Squalodon - they are single rooted, with a greatly inflated root, and a small conical crown.

I guarantee that if you search "Prosqualodon tooth" on google you will see dozens of these for sale.

The purpose of this post is to clarify several commonly believed ideas I've heard amongst fossil collectors, but evidently have either been discounted within the peer reviewed literature or originated completely outside the world of academic paleontology.

I jokingly refer to these sorts of ideas as "fossil folklore"; a very, very common version of this is "I knew a guy who found an 8 inch long megalodon tooth" (they rarely exceed 6.5 inches and do not really exceed 7) and every Miocene shark tooth locality I've ever been to has an apocryphal story told by a guy who's visited the site for decades, only to have a perfect 6" C.

One site goes so far as to call these "Prosqualodon errabundus", which is extra hilarious - and I'll explain why shortly.

It seems as though the thought process follows a simple pattern like this: if an odontocete tooth is small, then it is a "porpoise" (see below as well) or "dolphin" and no further attempt at identification is made.

This first myth applies principally to North America, and didn't really bother me until I had spent a few years in the field of marine mammal paleontology.

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Prosqualodon davidis has teeth that are similar in most respects to other squalodontids - conical anterior teeth with fluted enamel and double rooted cheek teeth with accessory cusps and finely rugose enamel.

A large odontocete tooth with a thickened neck of cementum from the Sharktooth Hill Bonebed (photo from that are typically identified as "Prosqualodon" or "Prosqualodon errabundus" by collectors and fossil dealers.

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