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It oversees non-enforcement litigations and appeals to the Commission en banc.

A rule or regulation which defines a term without express reference to the Code or to the rules and regulations, or to a portion thereof, defines such term for all purposes as used in the Code and in the rules and regulations, unless the context specifically requires otherwise.1.A person shall be deemed to be the beneficial owner of a security if that person has the right to acquire beneficial ownership, within thirty (30) days, including, but not limited to, any right to acquire, through the exercise of any option, warrant or right; through the conversion of any security; pursuant to the power to revoke a trust, discretionary account or similar arrangement; or pursuant to automatic termination of a trust, discretionary account or similar arrangement. Bill of Exchange is an unconditional order in writing addressed by one person to another, signed by the person giving it, requiring the person to whom it is addressed to pay on demand or at a fixed or determinable future time a sum certain in money to order or to bearer. Control is the power to govern the financial and operating policies of an enterprise so as to obtain benefits from its activities.