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The Fulani People occupy a vast geographical expanse located roughly in a longitudinal East-West band immediately south of the Sahara, and just north of the coastal rain forest and swamps.

There are an estimated 20-25 million Fulani people.

With the exception of Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger where the Fula make up the largest ethnic group, and Fulas are either a significant or a minority ethnic group in nearly all other countries they live in.

Alongside, many also speak other languages of the countries they inhabit, making many Fulani bilingual or even trilingual in nature.

Accordingly, the Western groups are the most divergent from the Eastern groups and vice versa.

Overall however, all share most cultural practices to a large extent.

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"), as well as Senegalese/Guinean (Western) Fulɓe cultures (who do not end interrogative questions in such mannerism).

The French borrowed the Wolof term Pël, which is variously spelled: Peul, Peulh, and even Peuhl.

More recently the Fulfulde / Pulaar term Fulɓe, which is a plural noun (singular, Pullo) has been Anglicised as Fulbe, which some people use.

There are generally three different types of Fulani based on settlement patterns, viz: the Nomadic/Pastoral or Mbororo, The Semi-Nomadic and the Settled or "Town Fulani".

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The pastoral Fulani move around with their cattle throughout the year.

Some of Bilali Muhammad's known descendants still live on Sapelo Island, Georgia, United States, and he also left descendants in the Lucayan Archipelago.