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31-Oct-2017 13:27

Yet Stanford says it’s serious about discouraging sexual harassment—its regulations on the subject fill seven single-spaced pages—and Saloner himself said it would not be tolerated on his watch.“Are we doing everything we can to build a culture of mutual respect, a culture in which we behave in private in such a way that we will not be ashamed if our actions come into the public eye? “That training [on sexual harassment] is crystal-clear about our obligations,” says Charles O’Reilly III, who teaches leadership and organizational behavior at the business school.“So the policy that Stanford has actually says that where such a recusal is required you must notify your supervisor, department chair, or dean,” he said. ”“If the person who is involved is a dean, you should go straight to the provost,” the lawyer replied. He’d followed their first walk together, and their first drinks, and their first date, and their first intimacies, real and cyber, fumbled and consummated.“And we will let the deans that are here know that,” she added, prompting scattered laughs from the crowd. And all of this unfolded as he believed the Stanford Graduate School of Business (G. B.) was slowly squeezing him out, denying him crucial and lucrative teaching assignments and, by calling for a 0,000 loan to be repaid within less than a year, attempting to force him out of his house on the Stanford campus. Can you drive this process home now while you have momentum? I didn’t know how to unhook myself.” Earlier, in a text exchange later produced under court order, she and Saloner had chatted about the problem. Saloner: Only a truly awful human being, the lowest of the low, would snoop on private conversations and then use them as blackmail....But he maintains he has a case if only 30 percent of what he believes happened actually did. I’ll be able to look myself in the mirror and have my kids look at me.”For Gruenfeld—who has been cited by Malcolm Gladwell; who tutored Sheryl Sandberg on gender issues (and sits on the board of Lean In, the nonprofit foundation connected to Sandberg’s best-selling book of the same name); and who sold her own book, , at auction last fall for nearly a million dollars—questions of credibility are equally crucial.He is clearly not the textbook “rational actor” they study in business schools. How does it look for someone who built her career analyzing the abusiveness (she dubbed it “disinhibition”) of the powerful, and who, until a month before she became romantically entangled with the dean, was the G. B.’s sexual-harassment adviser, and who, as co-director of Stanford’s Executive Program for Women Leaders, counsels high-powered women on how to overcome gender stereotypes, to wind up secretly sleeping with her boss?But Phills, a former Harvard wrestler good enough to make the 1984 Canadian Olympic team as an alternate (he grew up in Montreal), says that winning, at least by conventional terms, is quite secondary to him.So is money: he already had legal fees approaching half a million dollars. depends on donations from alums, who can always deposit their dollars elsewhere.

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Saloner relished seeing him in an orange jumpsuit in prison, and compared him to an elephant seal and a tarantula.To punish him and gain custody of their two mixed-race children, Phills charges, Gruenfeld reduced him—a man with three Harvard degrees, including a Ph. in organizational behavior—to the quintessential “angry black man.” He calls the experience his “O.

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